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Order Resends and Refunds:

If an order arrives damaged or in an unsatisfactory condition, we will reprint and reship free of charge to you and your customer. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all orders that we shipped.

If there is a customer request for a refund, we may first attempt to re-do the order to the customer's satisfaction.  Any refunds do not include S&H.  All refunds would require the original shipment to be returned to the lab for review BEFORE the refund can be processed.

If the order is in the "waiting for photos" status and has not yet been sent to one of our labs, or one of our partner labs, you can cancel an order yourself. Simply go to the order link in your order reports and click on 'refund order'. After an order has been sent to the printer, it can no longer be canceled directly. In that case, please contact customer support to discuss the particulars of the situation.

On reprints requested by the customer or the photographer, we will ONLY reprint the same image/pose and will not allow new or different photos to be substituted for reprinting unless specifically requested by management for quality control purposes.

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